How to Choose Your Foldable Smartphone?



Foldable smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Indeed, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have all released their models, and many other brands are positioning themselves on this fruitful market.

The market for foldable smartphones is in the middle of expansion. While the experimental phase has only begun in 2018 with the marketing of the first models, the growing demand coming from consumers is forcing brands to engage in a fierce battle to enter this niche marketwhich is destined to become more democratic.


The figures published by the firm Omdia are quite revealing, as the sector has grown by almost 310% in 2021. In total, no less than 11.5 million foldable smartphones that were sold last year worldwide.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is no stranger to it, with 4,6 million units sold last year. It is clearly the one that receives the most praise from consumers. A extremely intuitive handlinga fluidity unparalleled, a high performance processora image quality breathtaking, this model has seduced users with its features.

Several other features make it a marvel of technology, such as its flexibilityits robustness, its 5G compatibilitysound adjustable autonomy or again its internal screen of 6.7 inches.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Darty

Foldable smartphones have profoundly changed the way we use our cell phones. An innovative technology that will bring back memories for fans of clamshell models, offering a much larger display surface than that of other smartphones. A feature that contributes to significantly improve the comfort of reading.

Premium smartphones

Today, there is no single shape. Samsung and Huawei have developed models that fold in half while the Xiaomi Is foldable in three parts. A flexibility allowing a optimal screen protectionin addition to providing users with a smartphone more easily transportableWhether in the pocket or in the hand. What’s more, the elegance of their innovative and sophisticated design is very appealing.

In addition to the screen sizethe practicality or again the purely visual aspectThere are other factors to consider if one is in favor of buying a foldable smartphone:

  • Increased autonomy Manufacturers have equipped the models with large capacity batteries, which allows significant energy savings.
  • Multitasking functionality Launching a video on YouTube and surfing on Twitter at the same time will be child’s play, for example. An asset for professionals in particular, who see it as a major time-saver to ensure better productivity.
  • A smooth user experience Bugs and technical problems will be a thing of the past.
  • A much larger storage space to keep your data on your phone’s memory.
  • High quality photos Take pictures with the angle that suits you best, all in the service of a bluffing sharpness.

Samsung at the forefront of technology

On the 11.5 million foldable smartphones sold in 2021, Samsung truste 88% of sales. This is to say the grip of the South Korean manufacturer on the market for foldable smartphones, which remains greatly influenced by the popularity of two models in particular. Like the Galaxy Z Flip 3,the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is extremely busy.

Openable as a book, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an interface perfectly suited to its large screen. A little special feature is that it is compatible with the S Pena stylus that offers you multiple possibilities, especially in terms of creation. A increased power thanks to its Snapdragon 888 chip, a shock resistance the presence of a watertightness, the presence of a front camera… so many parameters that can tip the balance in its favor.

Halfway between the smartphone, the tablet and even the computer, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 currently has no competitor in terms of productivity.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Fnac

In addition to its two most recent devices, Samsung had previously developed other foldable smartphones whose attributes make them just as high-end. This is the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 2The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a new device that offers remarkable performance, despite its reduced autonomy.

The advantage is that its price is still lower than its third generation big brothersince it is located around 1000 €. depending on the seller.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Darty

Emerging players

In spite of this almost unshared domination of SamsungSeveral other telecommunications companies are entering the foldable smartphone market. Like the Chinese brand Huaweiwhich, despite the intensification of U.S. restrictions in 2021, has established itself as the second actor the most important player in the sector.

A place that was won in particular thanks to the sales of the Mate X2fixed at the height of 600,000 units for the year 2021. In the same spirit, it is possible to obtain the model Mate XS which has exceptional graphic qualities.

Huawei Mate XS Darty

Another reason for hope on the side of Huaweithe marketing of the model P50 pocket last December. Equipped with enormous capabilities in terms of photography and powerthis foldable smartphone with glass design allows you to capture stunning images even in the dark, or to have access to a super portrait mode.

Its autonomy less efficient than some models Samsung is compensated by a amazingly fast loading system.

Huawei P50 pocket Boulanger

Another brand that could well become established in the market: Motorola. The American brand, a pioneer in telephone innovation, has jumped into the deep end with the arrival of the Motorola Razr 5G which comes to arouse a feeling of nostalgia among the ex-fans of flip phones.

Made from high quality materialsThis foldable smartphone has the advantage of being able to stay connected even after closing. This proves to be very practical in terms of its use daily use which can easily be done at one hand thanks to its reduced dimensions.

Motorola RaMotorola Razr 5G zr Fnac

In parallel to these telephony specialists, other companies such as Oppo, Xiaomior Honor have already developed their own foldable smartphone. If the marketing of the proposed models is not not yet established in France at the moment, there is no doubt that they will play a fundamental role in this flourishing business.

In view of the means used by most of the telecommunication specialists to insert themselves into the breach, one can only go towards a sales growth. And it is certainly not Apple that will complain, since although skeptical at first, the American multinational would currently work on prototypes which could be available by 2023.