How to Grow Geraniums From a Banana?



Geraniums or pelargoniums are great ornamental plants with colorful flowers that will look great on your terraces or balconies. But, many people think that it is difficult to root them. The easiest way to do this is to shoot from the side and use cuttings from not too tender stems. Although easy to maintain, your geraniums need some special attention to keep them looking their best all summer long. A little help? Use bananas to enjoy an abundant bloom!

How to root geraniums by cuttings ?

First of all, cut the leaves lower cuttings: the cut should be made diagonally so that the cutting, which is rootless, can absorb as much nutrients as possible.


Take a banana and cut it into small pieces, taking care to keep its skin. Each piece should be about 1.5-2 cm high. Then plant the cuttings directly into the banana, this will help the roots to develop quickly. The first buds will soon appear.


Banana – Source : spm

Once the cuttings in the banana have grown their first roots, move them into the pot with the banana. Make a separate hole for each of them so that the banana will fit well. The distance between the cuttings should be about 10 cm. Cut a plastic bottle and cover the planted geraniums with it. The moisture from the banana will give the root system a good base to grow.

Remove the bottle as soon as you see the appearance of lush leaves. After 3 months, the geranium will begin to bloom.

Principles of successful geranium cultivation

The location should be bright and sunny enough. In autumn and winter, find a place where it is cooler and the temperature is between 10 and 15°C. If you leave your geraniums on a balcony in summer, they will need a lot of humidity. So you need to water daily, although these plants can go several days without water.

Fertilize them regularly and abundantly, especially between late spring and early fall. The best way to do this is to spray the plants with a heavily diluted mixture of good compost. In winter, let the geraniums go dormant, which means limiting watering and fertilizing. Remember, they always tolerate dry soil better than overwatering.

When do geraniums bloom?

geraniums in pots

Geranium in pot – Source : spm

The geranium needs a lot of sun to improve its blooming. The best time for it to bloom abundantly is in spring and summer. It can be placed in full sun or part shade, always making sure that it gets good sunlight and, at the same time, protection during the hottest hours of the day. Be careful, too much shade can make the plant have less flowers. To keep it indoors, it is better to place it next to a window to benefit from the sun.

Why don’t geraniums bloom?

geranium flowers

Geranium flowers – Source : spm

So that you can appreciate the beauty of these flowers you must take into account these two recommendations:

  • As they are plants from warm regions, they need good lighting, at least six to seven hours a day. Whether you grow it in a pot or in the garden, always place it in a sunny spot. In winter or in very cold regions, protect the plant by placing it inside the house, but if it cannot be moved, find a place next to a wall and cover it with plastic with holes.
  • Proper pruning is another way to get a good bloom. To do this, you need to remove dry shoots and wilted flowers every week, either with pruning shears or with your hands. Remove yellow or dry bits as soon as you see them in the soil or on the stem itself. Prune from the bottom so that new flowers can grow properly.