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Identifying your real needs

Often, and sometimes wrongly, what we look for in a mobile package is a large amount of data. On the other hand, according to the figures communicated by Arcep for 2021, consumers would use on average 11 GB per month. So why take a package with 200 GB when you only use 20 GB, for example? Moreover, the use of wifi is becoming more and more common.

Before subscribing to a mobile offer, take a few minutes to check your usage. Promotions can be tempting, but if they don’t match your user profile, they may end up costing you more.


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Connect to wifi to save on your mobile plan

often, the most expensive part of the package is the data envelope. the more mobile data the package contains, the higher the price. On the other hand, you have a possibility: subscribe to a package with a small data envelope and take advantage of the wifi network to avoid spending your 3G, 4G or 5G. It must be said that nowadays, access is increasingly accessible. You have the opportunity to put your smartphone in wifi automatically as soon as a signal is received. In fact, you do not spend the data of your mobile package while having access to the Internet.

For a few years now, wifi access is open to the public quite frequently. For example in companies, bars, some shopping malls, or simply at home! Even for big consumers, the data envelope doesn’t really need to be huge anymore. Besides, think about it, some applications update themselves on wifi and save you a substantial amount of data on your mobile plan.

Link the mobile package to the box for a discount

Today, the majority of telephone operators are also access providers. They propose an internet access via a box at home, and a mobile package. To build loyalty, it is not uncommon to find that these operators offer discounts on the final bill, including all services. While convenient because you only have one bill, these offers can be very interesting and allow you to make savings, sometimes up to 25%. The four major operators also offer free entry-level packages as part of their offerings. On the other hand, these packages often only offer blocked voice packages and little Internet access. However, you can subscribe to several packages with this type of offer, each of them often discounted. This allows you to equip the whole family at a reduced price.

Take a mobile package without commitment and hunt for promotions

As a general rule, if there are many promotions on the cell phone market, they change their price after one year. What can be interesting in this case, is obviously to turn to packages without commitment. Here again, you just need to know your needs, but we’ll come back to that later… With a no-commitment package, you are free to change operator whenever you want, and go to a competitor who offers better rates. To switch from one operator to another, it’s very simple, you just have to communicate the RIO code to the new operator you have chosen.

The competition between the different operators is fierce, especially with the rise of MVNO. We therefore find permanent promotions in this market. In fact, it is often the consumer who comes out the winner, as long as he knows what he wants.

Save data on your mobile plan

Do you need a new smartphone, for example? Indeed, the mobile plan without commitment does not allow you to benefit from discounts on a new device. The little hitch in the mobile plan without commitment, on the other hand, gives you the assurance of paying less. Finally, a no-commitment plan allows you to cancel at any time, whereas a mobile plan with a commitment forces you to wait to be sure of cancelling without any fees.

A mobile package with or without phone ?

Indeed, if you need a new equipment, how does it happen? Most operators offer terminals at attractive prices. However, you have to make a commitment, often for one or two years. The mobile package is then often more expensive. Do not hesitate to do the math, because a package that interests you at 5 € per month, could well cost you 20 or 30 € more to enjoy a phone. This is not necessarily profitable. Indeed, taking the effective difference over 24 months, it is not uncommon to buy a phone at full price, “naked”, is more profitable. In addition, there are often possibilities to pay in installments, which allows you to take a cheap mobile package.

Take a package with blocked calls and use applications for communications

You can totally afford to pay little for your mobile package with this trick. Very often, small plans, often under 5 €, offer you a quota of communication time, in addition to a data envelope little provided, even empty. For data, as we have seen previously, you can save it via wifi connections. For communications, it’s the same!

In fact, these blocked plans with 2 hours of communication can be enough for some, but be a real priesthood for others. If you are part of the latter, the easiest way is to keep your mobile voice plan, and use the internet to chat with your friends and family. Today, many applications allow you to make calls via the Internet. In addition, they even have video. Applications such as Messenger, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype and many others. This type of communication saves you call, and connecting via wifi saves you data. So you can choose a cheap package, maybe even without commitment.

Having trouble deciding? Not sure what’s best for you? Don’t hesitate, and take stock for free with an expert advisor who, according to your needs, will review the best offers with you and for you.

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