How to Recharge Your Phone Faster?



The smartphone is an object that is an integral part of our daily lives. It is used for calls and messages, it keeps us connected with the whole world by allowing us to consult the Internet but also to take pictures and videos. It is also thanks to this device that we can move around, pay our bills or count our number of steps per day!

In view of all the uses of our cell phone, it is very likely that it discharges quickly. This is why we need to feed it at least once a day to keep it working properly.


However, recharging when the battery is flat is sometimes tedious. And for good reason, it can sometimes take a few hours before the battery is fully charged.

Fortunately, there is a little trick that can significantly speed up the charging of your smartphone. To do this, you need to activate a function on your mobile device.

How to charge your phone faster?

airplane mode

Activate airplane mode – Source : spm

On the touch screen, it will be necessary to go in Parameters then to activate the “Airplane mode”.

To click on it, you can also scroll your finger down in the main menu. You will see this symbol which you will have to press before charging your device.

By doing this, you will see circles through which you can activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight and many other functions.

You will also notice an icon with the image of a plane. Just press it and all the applications on the smartphone will be temporarily disabled.

Result: the battery will discharge more slowly and the charging process will be accelerated.

Is it good to charge the phone in Airplane mode?

charging your phone

Recharge your phone – Source : spm

Charging the device in Airplane mode doesn’t have any negative consequences, on the contrary, it has several advantages. After all, who doesn’t want a fully charged phone in the morning?

When the phone is turned off, notifications are not activated and there will be no radiation, which is good for our long-term health.

Those who don’t like to turn off their phone to conserve their battery will be delighted. You can achieve the same result by simply activating the Airplane mode.

The good news is that your alarm clock can work after you turn it on. According to some users, disabling Airplane mode can slow down your network connection. This sometimes results in a connection Wi-Fi or mobile data slower when turned back on.

In this case, re-enable Airplane mode, wait for a few seconds and deactivate it. After that, the phone will search for a signal and network again, which has the same effect as restarting the phone but takes much less time.

Does turning off the phone speed up charging?

turn off phone

Turning off the phone – Source: spm

Yes, when turned off, the signal transmission functions are disabled, which reduces battery usage and speeds up charging.

When the telephone When the phone is turned off, none of the phone’s functions use the battery. The result is a much faster charge than when the phone is in airplane mode.