If Your Mobile Plan Runs Out Quickly, You Should Disable This Option on Your Phone to Save Money



Moving around, checking emails, exchanging messages are all actions that are made possible thanks to this essential device of our daily life. However, it can happen that the internet package runs out quickly. Fortunately, it is possible to remedy this problem by deactivating a function.

If the package of your smartphone runs out quickly, it may not be from the power device. A function to disable will help you save a lot of energy and even more so, electricity.

What function of his phone should be disabled when your plan runs out quickly?

From now on, the smartphone is an essential device in our daily lives. Whether in our professional or personal life, it assists us in all the activities we can imagine, so much so that it has become indispensable. For these reasons, we are sometimes panic-stricken when the internet connection runs out quickly. Thanks to a simple trick, you can avoid paying unnecessary recharge fees Because if you are facing this situation, it is probably due to a setting that you forgot to disable. With this method, you will be able to enjoy your phone’s applications longer.


use smartphone

Using your smartphone – Source : spm

When the connection runs out quickly, we consume more GB than usual

Our wireless connection is what allows us to access our instant messaging, play games or even get to a specific point without using the Wi-Fi network. If you have chosen a mobile package that is interesting because of its Internet offer, it may be that it runs out quickly and that you are forced to pay for additional top-ups that may, at the end of the month, inflate your bill. Rest assured, this is not a problem related to your phone, that it is necessary to use with precautionbut rather to a high consumption of gigabytes because of a function that must be deactivated.

What are the factors that decrease our Internet connection?

If your mobile Internet package runs out quickly, it is not always due to your operator or your network consumption. When many GB are required to connect to the network, it can be due to a lot of download traffic or active applications. Sometimes it can be related to the viewing of certain high definition videos. If this is not your case, the solution lies elsewhere and only the experts have it. When you run out of Internet traffic quickly, one of the main causes is the automatic update of your applications. Whether your smartphone depends on an IOS or Android operating system, that can be responsible less good connectivity and a quick depletion of your GB. If you have many active applications that consume a lot of themYou will have to recharge your connection several times a month. As a result, your bill is skyrocketing without you even being aware of it.

What is the solution to get a better connection?

Rest assured, this phenomenon is not a lost cause and you do not have to subscribe to a more expensive mobile subscription to enjoy a better connection. And for good reason, with a simple change in your settings, you will be connected longer on the web. To take advantage of this tip, you need to start by accessing the App Store or Google Play Store to see which applications have updates available. You can also select the option “Automatic update only in Wi-fi”. Thus, your connection will not feed this option which consumes a significant amount of GB.

This setting to improve the connection offers you another advantage

By enabling this option, you not only improve your connection capacity. You also optimize the performance of your battery but also the speed of charge of your cell phone. If you don’t have a Wi-fi network nearby for a long timeThis option is ideal, especially since you can use your applications without updating. This way you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you receive the bill.

wifi network

Wi-fi network – Source : spm

As you can see, if your mobile Internet plan runs out quickly, it’s not always the fault of your operator or your data consumption. Activating an easy-to-find setting will help you save a lot of money.

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