These Phones Are Better & Much Cheaper Than iPhone 13!


First of all, it’s time to break a myth: if you think the iPhone 13 is the best smartphone on the market today, you should know that a study conducted by the benchmarking lab DxOMark ranks it only in fourth place behind Huawei and Xiaomi models. The high-end features of the iPhone are undeniable, but it is still possible to find something equivalent or even better without having to abandon the Android system!

Today we show you 9 smartphones that you can buy cheaper than the recent iPhone 13 and that have equal or better performance and features than the Apple smartphone so that you can make the right choice when buying your new smartphone.

#5: Xiaomi 11T Pro



Xiaomi 11T Pro has serious arguments to oppose the iPhone 13 Pro. Sold for 649 euros in 128 GB (510 euros less than the iPhone 13 Pro with the same capacity), it has a larger Oled screen than the iPhone 13 Pro: 6.67″, even if both screens are 120 Hz adaptive and include stereo speakers.

Faced with the three 12-megapixel sensors of the iPhone 13 Pro, the 11T Pro offers a main sensor of 108 megapixels! even if the second ultra-wide-angle has 8 megapixels and the macro tele sensor of 5 megapixels. Advanced features are planned, such as a zoom with built-in special effects that looks suspiciously like Apple’s Cinematic mode.

The main argument of the Xiaomi 11T Pro is its 5,000 mAh battery, but especially its 120 W charging system. Xiaomi 11T Pro claims to be fully charged in 17 minutes, while Apple claims a 50% charge in 30 minutes.

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