What is a smart home with home automation?

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1. What is a smart home?

Internet, connected objects and home automation: this is the trio that has made the advent of the smart home possible. But what exactly are we referring to when we talk about smart home? What is a smart home and what features are available to you today?

In a few words, a smart home is a house whose various elements (heating, lighting, power strips, alarms, video surveillance devices…) can be controlled from mobile applications, available on smartphones or tablets.

2. What is the purpose of home automation?

Making your home smart is first and foremost about providing comfort and security to its occupants. Through remotely controllable equipment, it is possible to modify the temperature, control the lighting or check that no one is coming home in your absence.

Comfort is ensured by a more intuitive use of the devices. A connected home becomes a 100% multimedia home: radio or music follow you in every room, and you can launch an application using your voice (thanks to smart speakers).

3. Connected home and energy saving

The home also becomes more energy efficient. When the heating is modulated thanks to a smart thermostat and the lights are turned off when the rooms are empty, you make significant savings on electricity. No more unnecessary waste!

4. Connected home and security

In terms of security, the smart home allows you to sleep soundly in all circumstances, even when you go on vacation. It is possible to program the lights to turn on by themselves and the shutters to be lowered at nightfall.

In addition, your alarms, surveillance cameras or intrusion detectors can also be programmed and controlled remotely. And that’s only part of what the connected home can do for you!

5. Legrand solutions to make your home smart

Legrand offers you the opportunity to transform your home into a smart house with a range of solutions designed to improve your comfort or security.