6 Mistakes To Avoid When Using WhatsApp!



You thought you knew everything about your favorite application? Even if you use it every day, there are a lot of subtleties that you probably didn’t know existed. Moreover, many people keep making mistakes that can cause problems with the application. Discover the most common mistakes that many people make on WhatApp without even realizing it.

Block the WhatsApp application



Using the WhatsApp application – Source : spm

The separate blocking of WhatsApp on your iPhone is very important: this way, people who use your cell phone will not be able to read your incoming messages. To configure this feature, go to the WhatsApp settings, then to “Account” and finally to “Privacy” .

From here you can activate the screen lock with Touch ID or Face ID. You will also be able to choose a period of time during which the identification will be required again.

Automatic deletion of messages

whatsapp message

WhatsApp – Source : spm

WhatsApp has also added a new feature that automatically deletes new messages after just 24 hours. The new update aims to enhance privacy by deleting old messages. You can configure the option Messages I want to make sure that all new conversations are automatically activated, without affecting existing ones.

In addition, new times for disappearing messages have been added, from 24 hours to 90 days. You can now choose between four options, 24 hours, 7 days, 90 days or not at all. Go to Settings, Account, Privacy, then enable the default message timer.

Never share your WhatsApp code

whatsapp code

WhatsApp code – Source : spm

There is a clever scam that you should beware of. The problem is the six-digit verification code that WhatsApp sends you when you want to access your account again. Beware: this is usually a hacker taking over the account of one of your contacts in your address book and sending messages in your name.

Hackers will always send messages pretending to be your friend, at the same time you will receive an SMS or email from WhatsApp with a verification code that the hacker has requested pretending to be you. This code is only given when you try to make changes to your account.

The hacker, pretending to be your friend, will pretend to have mistakenly requested the verification code to be sent to your number and will ask you to send it. You should never share this six-digit code with anyone. If you do, the hacker will be able to take control of your account!

The bottom line is that you won’t have access to your account anymore and the hacker may even try to trick your friends and read your private messages. If you receive a suspicious message from a friend, try to call them to check the situation.

Disable automatic recording of multimedia content

Make sure that WhatsApp doesn’t save all your multimedia files in your cell phone memory. Open the application, click on “Settings” and then on “Storage and data”. Then select “Chats” and deactivate the “Save to camera” option.

Set up two-factor verification

You need to enable two-step verification now. This is an extra step to verify your phone number and prevent hackers from taking over your account. Be aware that hijacking a WhatsApp account is an easy way to gain the trust of your friends and family, which makes it possible to implement even more scams. To enable two-step verification, go to Settings, Account and toggle the setting to On.

Lock group settings

There is a setting to prevent strangers from adding you to groups. Go to WhatsApp settings, then Account, Privacy and Groups. You can now choose who can send you group invitations.

Your options are: Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts Except. The first option is the most open, allowing anyone with your number to phone to invite you. It is therefore preferable to choose one of the other two options.