Which Vegetable Can be Planted in April for a Bountiful Harvest in June?



Take advantage of this month of April to plant this vegetable, which is easy to care for and appreciates the sun and temperate climate. You will get a generous harvest in June.

What vegetable can you plant in April for a bountiful harvest in June?

There are several vegetables to grow during the spring season:


  • Sow zucchini in April


Zucchini. Source : spm

Native to Central America, the zucchini is an annual plant with deciduous leaves, belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. The zucchini flowers from May to October. Its yellow flowers are edible. This vegetable plant can be planted in the ground, or sown in a bucket. To flourish, the zucchini needs a sunny exposure, and a temperate climate. As for the soil, it must be drained and rich in humus. For a culture in full ground, add compost at the bottom of the hole and plant the young plants by keeping a space of one meter between each plant. Then pack the soil and water. You can also sow the zucchini in cups, in order to protect the young plants from slugs. After germination, transplant only vigorous plants into the ground.

Zucchini is a plant that is easy to maintain. Remove weeds regularlyWater the plants generously in hot weather, without wetting the leaves, To avoid moisture that causes powdery mildew. You can harvest zucchini two months after planting, Preferably before the seeds appear.

What other vegetables can be planted in April?

In addition to tomatoes and zucchini, you can also add peas and artichokes to your vegetable garden.

  • Sow peas in April

Sowing peas online

Sow peas in a row. Source : spm

The pea is an annual plant with deciduous leaves. This vegetable is rich in minerals and vitamins, has digestive properties. It appreciates a temperate climate, and a sunny exposure. However, protect it from the sun when it is very hot. As for the soil, it should be drained, cool, and neutral. Peas do not tolerate limestone.

Between March and May, you can sow wrinkled peas. Sow them in rows, taking care to to keep a space between the rows of 40cm or 60cm, depending on the variety. Then, cover your seedlings with soil, pack and water lightly with a non calcareous water. Note that peas do not like drought. Water them regularly, especially during hot weather. Also consider mulching the soil. This way, you can keep them fresh, and prevent the appearance of weeds. To facilitate the harvest, it is advisable to install stakes. They are recommended even for dwarf varieties.

The pea can be attacked by several parasitessuch as sitone, black or green aphids, pea weevil or pea leafroller. This vegetable plant can also be affected by cryptogamic diseases such as mildew or powdery mildew.

  • Planting artichokes in April


Artichokes. Source : spm

The artichoke is a flowering vegetable with semi-perennial foliage. Easy to grow, you can plant it in your vegetable garden, to take advantage of its medicinal properties. This vegetable plant appreciates a mild climate and a sunny exposure. The soil must be fresh, drained and rich in humus. To successfully plant the artichoke, it is recommended to plant the eyelets. These are buds that grow at the foot of the mother plant, and are detached in order to propagate the artichoke. It is possible to propagate artichokes by sowing, but this method is time consuming and may not be successful. That said, choose the eyelets that have roots and plant them about three feet apart. Artichokes like rich soil. Do not hesitate to to fertilize the soil before plantingusing manure or compost. This flowering vegetable also likes water. Water the plants generously once a week in summer, Avoid wetting the foliage. Then install a mulch to keep the soil cool, and prevent the soil from drying out between waterings. Note, however, that too much moisture can lead to The rotting of your vegetable plant.

In addition to tomatoes, don’t forget to also plant zucchini during this month of April, in order to get an abundant and organic harvest in June.