These Are The 6 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs! Are You On The List?


Let’s just face it, most people who read their daily horoscopes or astrological sign analysis do so to hear how unique and kind their sign is. In short, to good read-only things about their zodiac sign!

On the other hand, they’d rather not know for the bad things associated with their sign in astrology. Too bad for them… because here’s our classification of the five most dangerous astrological signs.

Want to find out if you’re the most dangerous person astrologically? HERE is the list from LEAST to MOST Dangerous :




Capricorns are seen as average criminals. They are right in the middle and tend to have high respect for rules.

They hate when people make careless mistakes, so when they are committing crimes they are very efficient and sneaky.

Little is known about the specific origins of the zodiac, but once again its symbolical representation (a wheel divided into 12 equal parts that all have a different name) can be found in every corner of the planet (Egypt, Judea, Persia, India, Tibet, China, North and South America, Scandinavian countries, Muslim countries). is based on a twelve-year cycle, where every year of the lunar calendar in the cycle corresponds to an animal sign. Every person, from the day they are born, has a unique animal sign accompanying them throughout life.


Sagittarius is the third most dangerous sign. Sags are known to be..well..crazy. People born under this sign are unforgiving, so you better be careful what you’re speaking and doing around them. They are master manipulators, leaders, and control freaks.

The very fact that the Sagittarius has a bow and an arrow makes this zodiac sign dangerous. But that’s not all. These types of qualities can cause the wrong type of person to commit some pretty atrocious acts.



Pisces may be the most sensitive and empathetic sign of the zodiac, but it is a real demon when it gets dirty. Someone in the Pisces zodiac sign never forgets or forgives, even if you make peace with them. With their imagination, he overflows with twisted and Machiavellian ideas; he can destroy the best-forged trusts of the people who have done him harm, even if it means destroying himself.



Aries can be very dangerous when told what to do or what are they doing wrong. The Ram is known for its stubbornness and for its natural ability to be the leader of the pack. Therefore, people born under this sign can easily get angry at something or someone and commit something wrong on them. Aries cannot be convinced to soften up and do things like they don’t want to do.




Cancer is one of the nastiest of them all. He is the king of revenge; perverse and treacherous ideas come to his mind. Be very careful if you injure someone with the sign of Cancer because they will climb up the towers very quickly and explode violently. Cancers can very quickly take an angry outburst that can turn into a violent blow.



The most dangerous zodiac is the ruthless Scorpio. Although this water sign doesn’t show its emotions to the outside world, Scorpio has a deep-seated psychopathic thirst for revenge in astrology, and its anger knows no bounds.

The saying ‘revenge is a dish best eaten cold’ suits Scorpio’s sign very well as he is undoubtedly already planning how best to get you caught and what sauce he will eat you with. Scorpio people act slowly and silently. Methodical, their attack is always deadly. Scorpios never accept defeat and forgive no betrayal. If you have a problem with a Scorpio, please stay away!