6 Data recovery software to recover your deleted files

To recover your deleted files there are data recovery software.

By using this software, you can avoid stressful situations such as losing a file important file due to a virus or accidental deletion. The majority of companies do not set up backup The reason for this is that they consider it too complex and expensive. If you accidentally delete the file containing all the information of your current project, don’t panic!
Use one of these 8 data recovery software to install on your computer.

What is data recovery software?

Your computer data can be lost overnight. A virus, accidental deletion, or a cybercriminal act could be the cause. Your computer’s file system then removes the path to the deleted file.

However, all the binary numbers that make up your data are still accessible somewhere on your computer. Data recovery software dives into your hard drive and the advanced algorithms search for recoverable data in order to reconstruct it in an accessible and readable format.

Here is the list of the best data recovery software.

Tenorshare: This software allows you to recover files for free of 1GB lost on your Windows PC. This is for Windows versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or XP with a high recovery rate. Tenorshare is able to recover files from any storage media even if they are formatted computers and raw partitions. You will be able to recover your photos, videos, music and all office documents in DOC, DOCX, PPT or XLS format.

The paid version of Tenorshare allows, among other things, to recover data from a crashed system and to repair corrupted videos and photos.

It is undoubtedly the best free data recovery solution to recover your deleted files from any media. Thus, you will be able to recover data from the volumes of external storage on hard drives and even on your old iPod.

Its simple operation allows you to browse recently deleted files and recover all data. This free software is only compatible with Windows.

This software allows not only restoring files but it also automatically detects storage media connected and damaged partitions, empty or not detected by Windows.

This tool has a somewhat hard to use interface that is intended for experienced users.

Puran: This software has advanced recovery algorithms that will allow you to recover many files. Puran will recover all your deleted data and can also repair corrupted partitions if nothing has been written over them in the meantime.

When the data recovery operation is performed, you will need to format your hard drive and use a bootable USB key to reinstall Windows.

This paid software compatible with Windows and MacOS is an expert in recovering your lost files and your corrupted videos. The restoration is done in a few simple steps on different media and all file formats.

Recoverit by Wondershare offers a free analysis of your computer and allows you to preview all your files before recovering the ones you want. The tool analyses of this software allow to collect all the fragments of corrupted videos and to associate them thanks to its exclusive technology.

Disk Drill is a data recovery software originally designed for MacOs but it is now also available for Windows. Its clean interface is accessible to all.

This tool scans your hard disk and your connected storage devices and it can recover up to 500 MB of data for free and then copy it to another storage device. Disk Drill filter files to recover according to their format (image, video, document…) and sorts the results by modification dates.

Stellaire: Restore hundreds of file formats and recover all your documents free with Stellaire compatible with Windows and MacOS. In addition, this tool offers two analysis systems, one fast and one more thorough but also a file search functionality very complete.

The editor Wisecleaner offers the software Wise Care 365 with its features of cleaning and optimization of the PC and it also offers Wise data recovery for data recovery.

The free version offers you a quick scan of your hard drive to recover recently deleted files.

To do in-depth scans, you will need to purchase the paid version. It is a ergonomic and practical tool which has a search function and filters by file types. This software is compatible with Windows.

Choose data recovery software tailored to your needs and skills and don’t stress about deleted or lost files.

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