5 mobile app benefits for your business

These small devices are now part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally, especially through mobile Apps.

What is a mobile App?

A mobile App is a program that is downloaded on a smartphone or a tablet. It can be free or paid. They are adapted to smartphones and their constraints. (Ergonomics…) They give the possibility to access more easily to websites and associated services.

Today, most of the time spent by people on their cell phone is spent on applications. This mobile tool is used for a number of purposes including management of a service or business space, marketing strategies, communication and advertising. It is also used by and for the employees of a company.

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What is an employee mobile App?

Corporate mobile Apps are developed for the purpose of improving the internal communication of the company. It is sometimes used as internal tools, but also to inform in a faster and more fluid way all employees of the structure. Its objective is to increase the productivity of employees.

Here are 2 examples of their use:

  • It connects field employees to each other and to the company’s administration through an intranet. This allows them to have up-to-date information in real time
  • It’s the same principle for sales people who are often away from the head office. It allows them to access updated information from a device they always have with them: their phone.

Features for your enterprise mobile App.

Here are some features to implement for your enterprise mobile App.

A mobile platform, that is, a website configured for smartphone or tablet formats and downloadable from App Store or Google Play. This allows all of your employees to access information in a more fluid way.

  • Customization of an application Mobile to highlight your brand identity and engage employees for increased usage. This can be by adding the logo, put the application in the colors of the company …
  • Add a chat. Very popular with users, it allows you to connect to share simple information or even more sensitive data in real time and keep the writings for later record if needed.
  • An instant messenger To quickly transmit information to a particular person. Often replaces calls when you are in a place where it is not easy to talk.
  • Push notifications which is a system for sending urgent information to the entire company.
  • Training courses For employees. It’s a way to stimulate the commitment of your employees. Through the intranet, offer training to your employees. They can register directly with the application and as an employer, you can follow their evolution.
  • Modules for training can be put online for employees to follow the training directly on their smartphone or tablet. This can include documents, videos…
  • Setting up surveys with employees. Through your enterprise application, measure the satisfaction of your employees. This is an opportunity to share ideas, gather information from them like possible needs. Consider making it anonymous if you want your employees to participate freely.
  • Add business directory. Thanks to this function, employees will have access to all the company’s contacts. This saves time when you are away from the office. It is also a good way to make known the various people who work in the departments. Employees can then contact any other person in a team or department different from their own. Think about making a “trombinoscope” so that people recognize each other.
  • Propose an FAQ There are recurring questions about the company or its operation that can waste quite a lot of time and mainly in the human resources department. The FAQ are very suitable for questions.
  • Install a dashboard This can be used to establish a little internal competition among salespeople. Be careful, however, not to set up a system that would create stress and demotivation precisely because of the competition. It must be kept within a friendly role. It is also a way of valuing them.
  • Don’t forget the “search” function. If you spend too much time looking for something, it doesn’t make sense to set up an application anymore. So this function allows your employees to get directly to where they want to go and in a short time.
  • Your application should be compatible with iOS and Android devices. This is an effective way to allow your employees to use their own devices. They are used to it and it will be easier to use. Nevertheless, keep in mind the “right to disconnect” which is one of the principles of our labor code.
  • Making the journey unique By installing authentication. With this feature, your employees can log in using an account in their name.
  • If you are an international company, consider setting up your application in multilingual. Your employees can be of different nationalities and be more comfortable with their native language. This is a plus in the comfort to bring to your employees.
  • Another important element, is the team calendar. It allows everyone to know what he has to do, to have an eye on its progress and to know the program as well as the actions to be carried out and those already carried out by your collaborators. It is also a way to be informed in real time of the progress of your projects.

5 advantages for your business

These apps are multiplying and their usefulness is becoming more and more obvious to manage one’s daily life. To this end, every company must ask itself the following question: should we launch a mobile App? There is no clear-cut answer and the decision to develop an app must be carefully thought out…

However, there are several good reasons why you should consider creating a mobile app.

A privileged contact with your customers

Thanks to a smartphone application, there is no need for an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers.
Unlike the Internet or social networks that put you in permanent competition with other players in your field of activity, the mobile App offers a privileged contact with your customers.
Depending on its nature, the application can also be a gateway for your prospects. By being useful, you make potential customers want to know more about you and use your paid services.

Low cost marketing

No more expensive advertising through traditional communication channels or 4 x 3 billboards on the streets:
Mobile marketing allows even small businesses to promote themselves, without investing huge amounts of money.
As intimate as word of mouth, and as effective as a large-scale marketing campaign, the development of a mobile App reaches a wider target audience, while remaining financially and technically accessible: it is even possible to generate an application without developers.

A better understanding of the target audience

The mobile App is aimed at a potential customers already targeted and known.
By respecting the codes of mobile Apps (updated information, regular and brief push notifications, development of new features…), you are sure to capture the attention of your prospects.
And an interested and captivated customer has every chance of becoming a seduced customer who will make a purchase or renew it.

A non-intrusive presence

A smartphone application is consulted whenever the user feels the need. He can choose to receive notifications, but it is not mandatory.
Thus, the mobile user does not even perceive this software as a marketing tool.
This method of communication and loyalty is not intrusive in the life of the customer, it only adds value. The perception of your company by the user is therefore positive.
At the same time, you strengthen his confidence in your business.

An evolution that has become necessary

We don’t teach you anything: social networks and mobile Apps have become real references in terms of information and communication.
By developing a mobile App related to your business, you show that you are trendy, that you know how to adapt to the lifestyle of your customers.
Indirectly, this has an impact on the image of your company: you become a brand modernable to respond to the new needs of its consumers.
To be at the forefront of fashion, think also of Progressive Web Apps, new generation apps that require no installation.

Our tip

We could have added a 6ᵉ advantage to this list, but we’re going to put it in a tip for you…

The ease of developing a custom mobile app that is perfectly suited to your needs… It is possible to use apps to allow you to make an app for your business. We have selected :


GoodBarber is a well-made application. It is one of the easiest to use to create your custom applications. Some use it to develop their e-commerce and make shopping easier while others use it to manage projects as well as offer content.


Swiftic is a software that allows to design applications. The interface is intuitive and simple and can be used by everyone, even beginners! It is intended for companies as well as for individuals. A large choice of customization is proposed and gives you the possibility to adapt it to your sector of activity. On the other hand, you will find a large amount of features that help users to enjoy using it.

As you can see, setting up an application for your business allows you to optimize your project management processes. It is also the possibility to improve productivity and to put all the chances on your side to have a better return on investment. The advantages of a mobile App are multiple and accessible to all.

However, the time when you lack the desire to create it yourself. It should be remembered that an application made by a professional will certainly have a better chance of being optimized to fulfill its role.

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