Cybersecurity: 5 tools to encrypt your emails

Email encryption is essential for companies that want to ensure the confidentiality of their communications. Email is not a secure method of communication and it is possible to expose its content to malicious people.

Therefore, it is necessary to encrypt sensitive emails and attachments.
Email encryption software allows organizations to secure emails, ensuring that they are only accessible to the intended recipient and providing end users with additional security controls.
So here’s an article that lists a selection of popular software to help you secure your emails.

1. Trustifi

Trustifi is a cybersecurity company offering solutions on a Saas (software as a service) platform. Trustifi leads the market with some of the easiest to use and deploy security tools. They provide security for your inbound and outbound email from a single source.
The most valuable asset for any company (apart from its employees) is the data contained in its emails. Trustifi’s goal is to protect this data, and the reputation and brand of its customers, from all email-related threats. With Trustifi’s inbound shield, data loss prevention and email encryption, customers are always one step ahead of attackers.
Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, or any other mail server, price is on request.

2. Microsoft Office Message Encryption

Microsoft Office Message Encryption is just the thing if your business uses Office 365. That’s because the tool is provided in Outlook on Office 365 E3 and aims to help businesses protect sensitive emails, maintain control of their data and comply with their security needs. Recipients of encrypted messages that are in Office 365 will be able to read those messages seamlessly in Outlook. Users who receive encrypted messages on other email clients can view them on the OME portal.
Very inexpensive and easy to implement, administrators can additionally create custom policies so that end users can prevent encrypted emails from being forwarded. However, it lacks some features such as attachment encryption.

3. Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service

Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service is an email encryption tool that offers many customizable features and policies to end users. It aims to give users more control over the emails they send. For example, users have the ability to “recall” messages, expire messages, and disable forwarding, all within their existing email platform.
The solution, available as a plug-in (desktop) is also available as a mobile messaging application.
The encryption service works through recipients who open encrypted emails after verifying their identity via a secure web portal. End users can manually encrypt emails, and emails can also be encrypted according to the administrator’s policies.
Again, no price announced!

4. Virtru

Virtru is an email encryption platform that works with all cloud-based email platforms. The tool focuses on security and ease of use. Virtru offers two types of email encryption:

  • The first in the form of a secure web portal where recipients log in to access an encrypted mailbox.
  • The second is end-to-end encryption via Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail. This means that both parties need certificates, but users can access encrypted email from their inbox without having to open a web page.

Virtru provides multiple control features to help companies better control email content.
Its price:

  • 1-9 users: $699 annual fee plus $60 / user / year
  • 10-99 users: $1,999 annual fee plus $60 / user / year
  • 100+ users : on quote

5. Posteo

Like many other privacy products, Posteo made news after the Edward Snowden leaks. It was the first email service to launch DNS-based authentication on its servers to protect users from hackers impersonating them or the recipients of their emails, i.e., man-in-the-middle attacks.
Posteo’s servers are based in Germany and its values are focused on privacy, usability and sustainability.
Since it does not use end-to-end encryption, it is possible to add your Posteo account to common email apps on desktop, iOS and Android.

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